That Second Set of Eyes

Everyday we go about our lives and maybe don’t take notice of the things we see over and over again. For example, my husband has gone through an incredible body transformation. Even though I’ve seen the scale go down steadily and I see him everyday, I never really noticed how much his body has changed, until the day he posted a picture of himself on my facebook page. I was shocked! It was the second set of eyes that the camera provided that made me really see how much my husband had achieved.

Meanwhile I have been on my own journey towards better health. We just completed a four week fitness challenge at our gym. I’ve been following a meal plan, working out 5-6 times per week and drinking way more water. I also have seen the weight drop when I weigh myself, but I haven’t been able to appreciate a change in how I look. I tried and tried looking at pictures of myself from then and now and I just couldn’t seem to notice a difference. Granted most of the pictures of me are selfies from the neck up. I was starting to tell myself some BS stories about how I’m not making progress and how I must be doing something wrong. My coach Kerstin, from our gym asked me to send her a pic and after searching and searching I finally found a full body shot from almost a year ago. I reluctantly sent it to her and told her that I don’t think I look much different. She wanted to compare it with our post-challenge photos that we took yesterday at the close of our challenge. When she sent my post picture to me, I burst out in tears because I could see a huge difference in my body. I am so proud of how far I’ve come. Again, that darn second set of eyes showed me what was really going on.

I learned a lesson today. One that I really wish I learned twenty-something years ago. Don’t trust everything your eyes see, because you might be getting it wrong and creating a story in your head based on what you think you see. This can be applied to so many aspects of life, especially when we’re contemplating our own struggles and victories. You may find that you have far more wins than losses if you look through another set of eyes.


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