We’re Celebrating Back To School

This was our first week back to school. Homeschool. I loved seeing posts of so many friends and family celebrating their kids’ first days of school this and last week. So many parents are feeling a sense of relief as their kids go back to school. After a long summer, the adults can essentially take a break from the 24/7 calling that is parenting. I get it. Those precious hours that the kids are at school can be an important time to make phone calls, enjoy a meal, take a shower, or even use the restroom. In peace. The house might even have a chance to be clean for more than one minute. I get it.

Most days I don’t get to do much in peace and I’m okay with it. Unless I’m at work or in the unlikely event that my Mom is on an extended staycation at my house where she doubles as a babysitter, my kids are always by my side. Yes, they drive me bonkers sometimes. After all, they are all girls, coming of age and each with their own unique personality. This is a recipe for some interesting situations that sometimes turn into shouting matches. For the most part, my girls are well behaved. The older two are very helpful with the youngest but they all have their “WTF, Why didn’t I send you to school this year?” moments. Like the time when my oldest cut the cat’s fur with the nail clipper. Or the many times when the youngest decided to empty her whole dresser onto the floor looking for clothes then decided on the clothes that I originally picked for her. It is exhausting, just trying to keep my cool on the daily. And honestly, sometimes I lose it. But I’ve learned that my kids can live without me for a few minutes while I gather myself quietly in my locked bathroom. This doesn’t happen often but I warn them that if I have to resort to this, it’s pretty bad. That’s usually enough to get them to chill out.

I was really looking forward to this year because my baby is in Kindergarten and I wanted her to have the best foundation I could give her. So far, she is adjusting to “school” life. Since I’m now teaching three kids, it was a transition for me. I’m learning new time management tricks and tips but so far, we’re enjoying it. We’re loving the flexibility that homeschool gives us. I hope to continue for as long as we want. Our situation can change at any moment so I’d like to keep an open mind. Till then we will enjoy our time together.img_3746-1

This week, I’m celebrating our return to school. I’m celebrating how far we’ve come from our first year, not knowing anything about homeschooling. I’m celebrating the bond I have with my keiki knowing that I’m steering them on a path that will empower them to be strong, smart women. We celebrated by enjoying a great lunch together, taking silly selfies, laughing about nothing and walking hand in hand. I had great fear and anxiety about whether I would be able to provide my kids with a quality education. That fear is nearly gone now. When I see the progress they’ve made, I’m confident that we made the right decision for our family to homeschool.

2 thoughts on “We’re Celebrating Back To School

  1. La friend how r u !!! I love ur blog, I’ve been contemplating about homeschooling but plan to start next year probably mid year for my kids ! They are now 6,4,2 and baby due feb 1st! Ur girls are all grown up and so beautiful !! Miss u girl. Also which curriculum did u use for homeschool too ?


    1. Hi girl! Miss u too! Wow congrats on the growing fam! We use a curriculum named Sonlight. I like it because it’s very easy to order and is organized. Easy to follow. It is Christian based so they incorporate Bible. But they still get the vital academic content.


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