light nature sky sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today marks the first day of a two week vacation time for me. I don’t have any travel plans. I’m staying home with the kids while my husband takes a business trip to the mainland in a few days. I’m actually excited to have this time off from work. Although I love my job most of the time, this is a much needed break. I plan on using this time to refuel, recharge, reconnect with my family and relax.

Lately I’m guilty of “low vibing”. To me, this means feeling tired, uninspired, unmotivated and just bleh! I’ve recognized this and chose to shift my mind as soon as possible. In between those moments, I have shining moments of pure joy and bliss. High Vibing!!! These High Vibe moments are the ones I live for. But I understand that we all go through ups and downs depending on what life is dishing up everyday. My dear friend Dina is a Badass Mompreneur Healer and Professional High Vibration Specialist in my eyes. She always reminds me with all she does that the only way to roll is by High Vibing!!! Giving love, respect, excitement, inspiration and joy no matter what the situation. I am in constant admiration of her.

I need this time to get back to my high vibration so that I can share all the good I have inside me with you. I’m nowhere near being a perfect person, nurse, mom, daughter, wife or friend but I take the time to work on myself as much as possible. If you feel like a low viber, good for you for recognizing it. Most people don’t even notice they’re doing it. Choose to surround yourself with people who inspire you, encourage and support you and love you for whoever you are. Get outside and experience the sun on your face, smile for no reason, genuinely listen to people and judge less. We are all works in progress and the journey is what makes life interesting. I hope to have added some high vibes to your day and life!!!!

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